Natural Dyed Garments


Natural Vegetables Plant Tree, Fruits Leaf & Herb are extracted with our experiences. Plants have been used for natural dyeing since before recorded history. The staining properties of plants were noted by humans and have been used to obtain and retain these colours from plants throughout history. Native plants and their resultant dyes have been used to enhance people's lives through decoration of animal skins, fabrics, crafts, hair, and even their bodies.

Dyeing is an application of colour to a textile material with some degree of fastness or permanence. Dyes actually migrate or diffuse into the chemical molecular structure of textile fibres in order to develop the final colour of the textile product. That is, dyes which work on cotton will not work on polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool and many other commonly used textile fibres. The quality of dyeing of any textile material is directly dependent on the quality of the textile fibres used to manufacture the product.

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Green Cyann - MUM212204723 FPT
Pretty Pink - MUM212204724 FPT

Types of Natural Dyes

  • Beige Heart Wood - Beige Heart Wood of Cutch Tree - Acacia Catechu
  • Roots (Yellow) - Curcuma Longa Turmeric
  • Branches (Brown) - Rewand Chini Rheum Emodi
  • Leafs - Leafy Green Plant Leaf Extract from Mulbbery
  • Holy Basil Leafs (Tulsi) - Tulsi Ocimum Tenuiflorum Leaf Extract
  • Neem Leafs - Neem Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extarct
  • Green Leafs - Spinach Leaf Extract Spinacia Oleracea
  • Dry Leafs - Mango Tree Dry Leaf Extarct Mangifera Indica
  • Flower & Seeds - Yellow Marigold (Tegesta Erecta) Flame-of-the-Forest, Palash and Bastard Teak (Butea Monosperma) and Kamala Tree or Red Kamala or Kumkum Tree Mallotus
  • Fruits - Dark Brown Fruit of Terminelia Chebula
  • Fruits - Rinds - Beige Fruit Pomegranate Rind of Punica Granatum
  • Onion Peels - Onion Peels (Outer Skin of Onion)
  • Insects (Lac Insect) - Kerria Lacca Sticks
  • Gallnuts - Rennet Gallnut of Quercus Infectoria Gall Oak
  • Roots & Rhizomes - Roots & Rhizomes of Rubia Cordofolia Indian Madder